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The secret to finding the best dog care is to find the one that's most effective for you and your dog.  

You see, not every remedy is going to work for every ailment, and not every training method is going to work for all dogs.  

For this reason, I've included as much information as I can on traditional and alternative methods for each.

Dog Care Knowledge

With a little help and knowledge, it's entirely possible to manage many common conditions at home.  And, you can even stop some issues from ever starting just by performing a few simple preventative tasks. You'll not only cut down on costs, but you'll also help reduce any anxiety associated with visiting the veterinarian or groomer. 

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Top 5 Reasons for Canine Vet Visits

Top 5 Reasons
For Canine Vet Visits:

1. Ear infection
2. Skin allergies
3. Hot spots (Pyoderma)
4. Stomach upsets
5. Intestinal inflammation/ diarrhea

Source: VPI Pet Insurance

To get started, take a look at the five most common reasons for veterinarian visits.  Do any of them sound familiar?  Now, did you know that all of them can be managed at home?  Of course, there will always be times when a visit to your veterinarian is necessary, but reducing repeated visits will go a long way to reducing your costs.

If you've ever had a pet that has had repeated ear infections or is always itching and scratching, then you know the discomfort they go through and the impact it has on your wallet.  Not to mention the anxiety a vet visit has on both you and your best friend. 

Whenever a vet (or groomers) attends to my dog, Ava, she shakes uncontrollably and tries to hide under my legs. She's clearly stressed, as am I.  However, when I do the same things at home (like ear cleaning), she's relaxed. She still doesn't like things in her ears, but she's not stressed when I administer the same treatment indoors.

Dog training is another example where you can reduce your costs and anxiety levels.  Finding a trainer that uses positive, reward-based methods will reduce stress levels and will be more fun for both of you. 

To get your pal comfortable with training, practice at home regularly which should reduce your chances of needing to attend more costly "behavior" related training.  Not to mention it will be easier to "practice" in a group class if your pooch already knows the basics at home.

That's what this site offers you. Peace of mind that you're giving the best possible care to your 4-legged best friend with minimal stress.  I walk you through the steps and share with you what works, what doesn’t (and why), what problems you’re likely to come up against and what to do when it all goes wrong. 

How would you feel if you knew that you had the solution to all your dog care problems? Pretty good huh? 

Got an itchy dog You wouldn't be the first as many issues result in itching and scratching for your fur-baby. Luckily, you can find the most common reasons for an itchy dog here, and if that still doesn't help, you can perform these three simple steps to investigate further.

Now, wouldn't you, your pooch, and your wallet, appreciate fewer visits to the vets or groomers?  

Dog care tips aimed at caring for your dogs at home.

Me (Sharon) with Hudson & Ava

Good dog care advice is crucial. I've spent 20+ years caring for dogs at home, and in a doggie day care.  I’ve researched a ton of material from “experts” and attended many seminars.

You can read more about me here.

All in all, I have a very clear picture of what’s hype and what are solid-based solutions to your everyday doggie problems.  And, I’ve tried most of them at some point or another, so definitely have my own opinion on what works.

Dog Care Knowledge

Arming yourself with knowledgeable information every step of the way ensures they become part of your pack smoothly. 

After many years of resolving issues for mine, my family and my clients' dogs, I can honestly say I know a bit more than a bit about dog care! Dogs are my passion, my life, and my world. My aim now is to share this information with you from one loving dog parent to another.

Unfortunately, mistakes are easy to make but can be hard to rectify.  So, why not let me help you, help your dog?

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Dog Care Knowledge, helping you help your dog.

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